Who We Are

One of the most compelling measures of an organization’s success is the ability to maximize the return on investment. ROI Consulting and Implementation was founded on the premise that improving organizational performance is no longer enough. In today’s business environment, organizations that thrive are the ones that maximize their return on investment by achieving outstanding business results.

At ROI, our philosophy is to partner with clients to define their business challenges and collaboratively develop strategies to resolve them. We work together with our clients not just during the strategy and planning phases but all the way through implementation, equipping leaders to communicate, practice and reinforce the behavioral changes needed to execute even the most complex initiatives.

With more than 40 years combined experience, the founding partners of ROI Consulting and Implementation have faced business challenges across many industries including transportation, retail, agricultural, food services, manufacturing, law, and financial services. Each situation is unique, requiring the application of creative and innovative solutions to positively impact the bottom line.

Having worked with a broad range of organizations, from start ups to multi-national Fortune 100 companies, the consultants at ROI are prepared to meet your business challenge at any phase of your organization’s lifecycle.

If you are ready to not only improve your business results, but maximize them, we are ready to help, because at ROI...

Maximizing Results Is Our Focus