H. Terry Smith

Founding Partner

ROI Consulting and Implementation
2144 Bensley St.
Henderson, NV  89044

Terry SmithH. Terry Smith has been in his clients’ shoes. In his more than 30 years of business experience, Terry has had responsibility for operations, sales, inventory and customer service.  As a general manager, he led a staff of more than 100 employees and managed multi-million dollar budgets. He understands the pressure to increase profits and improve efficiency.

He has used that experience to help others succeed … most recently as the Director of Change Management for Best Buy, a 26 billion dollar company with the distinction of being one of the world’s largest electronics retailers.

Part of the ground-breaking Change Implementation Team (CIT) chronicled in the best-selling book Big Change at Best Buy, Terry led the group with responsibility for all CITs nationally.  With the added responsibility for the OD department, he led efforts to streamline operations, improve processes, build effective teams and provide executive coaching.

Terry has facilitated cross-functional teams to achieve significant business results.  He was an integral part of the acquisition integration team for Best Buy’s first acquisition. Terry established change management functions in the newly acquired business, improving business results dramatically in the first few months.

Bringing his systemic thinking into play, Terry makes connections between business results, the customer environment and the employee experience. He redesigned the retail training efforts of a Fortune 100 company to align training, bring an application-based focus and create follow-up processes for supervisors.

Sought after as a speaker, he has presented at international conferences and actively shares his knowledge with his clients and through his affiliation with the international OD Network and OD Institute.

Terry is one of the founding partners of ROI Consulting, an international organization development and management consulting firm based in Minneapolis/St. Paul and a Principal of the Implementation Institute, a firm dedicated to helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy and implemenation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation Effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership and Organization Assessment
  • Systems and Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy Development & Deployment

Continuing Education
Terry completed the Leadership Engine course developed and delivered by renowned leadership expert, Noel Tichy from the University of Michigan. He has worked closely with both Noel and Customer Segmentation expert Larry Selden from Columbia University to implement a customer-focused strategy at Best Buy. Terry’s work helped strengthen leaders through increased business acumen as part of an overall plan to maximize profitability.