Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a process of systematically and deliberately preparing for transitions in key leadership positions. It is abundantly clear that the failure of many leaders, and subsequently companies, is due to an inaccurate assessment of the fit between the leader and the unique culture, challenges, and opportunities of the organization. It is a strategic advantage to possess clarity around the qualities, skills, and knowledge needed for key positions and to have in place a well formulated process for building and maintaining a pipeline of team members prepared to move into those positions. ROI’s involvement in Succession Planning typically includes the following actions:

  • Review of the client’s business strategy, goals, and subsequent needs for the future with regard to key leadership roles
  • Development of leadership profiles that describe the responsibilities of the key roles in the organization and the qualities and skills that will be required
  • Design of a leadership blueprint that the organization can refer in order to make sure that the leadership pipeline is adequately full and flowing appropriately
  • Conduct evaluations of internal team members and external candidates to determine strengths, developmental needs, organizational fit, potential for success, and level readiness

ROI Consulting uses its expertise in business, psychological assessment, and organizational change, to help companies realize its mission, vision, and goals. We can assist in the design and implementation of self-sustaining succession processes to assure the existence of highly qualified candidates that are ready to step into critical roles at the exact time they are needed. Contact for more information about ROI’s Succession Planning services.