Welcome to the ROI Assessment Center

ROI is pleased to offer online testing as an option in the assessment process. The online psychological tests measure aspects of personality, interests, and abilities. These tests are used to better understand how people’s natural aptitudes and abilities match the job requirements of a given position. The assessment process is designed to examine job-related aptitude and characteristics and not personal lifestyle, medical or mental health related information.

Have You Received Your Email or Letter of Introduction?

Online testing is only available for individuals who have been contacted by ROI and given the required passwords. This information would have been provided in an e-mail or a letter of introduction mailed to you.

Email Instructions

If you received your letter of introduction via email, we ask that you take a moment to review your Online Testing Instructions before proceeding to the appropriate links by pressing the CONTINUE button.

Postal Mail Instructions

If you received your letter of introduction via regular mail, courier, or express delivery, you have likely also received the "paper and pencil" versions of the tests and inventories we are asking you to complete. You have the option to complete the inventories by "paper and pencil" or online. If you choose to complete the inventories online, you do not need to fill out the corresponding hard-copy versions. You may use the hard copies for reference during the online testing. We ask that you bring all of the hard-copy materials with you on the day of your assessment, regardless of whether they have been filled out.

Use of Information Form

A required step of online testing is for you to review the Use of Assessment Data form, which provides information on how your assessment test data will be used. Press the Continue Button at the bottom of this page to access this form. If you have questions, please call Steve Wolinski at 612-720-1897.