Talent Optimization Planning

Talent Optimization Planning is a process for helping organizations design business strategies that effectively align with its unique people requirements.  The Talent Optimization Plan maps the functional connection between overall business objectives and the activities of acquiring, developing, rewarding, and retaining an organization’s people. It is a serious disadvantage for an organization to have its talent management processes connected in name only to its strategy.  ROI’s Talent Optimization Planning process can assure appropriate alignment and typically includes the following:

  • Review of business strategy and talent structure to determine current alignment between the business and human capital requirements and processes

  • Design of processes that improve and standardize the accurate and efficient identification, selection, and development of the “right” people for the future of the company

  • Develop a roadmap for the implementation of the Talent Optimization Plan into the different functional areas of the organization

  • Provision of assessment services, coaching, and measurement to assure optimal impact on business outcomes and organizational efficiencies

It is a clear advantage to have a Talent Optimization Plan guided by the key factors driving the business today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow. Contact info@roiconsulting.us for more information about ROI's Talent Optimization Planning services.