Leadership Competency & Development

The development of leadership competencies is a process that defines, in behavioral terms, the qualities, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that an organization wants its leaders to possess. The primary benefit of having established leadership competencies is the increased assurance that an organization’s leadership will have the “right stuff” to execute on its short term and long terms goals. This most commonly involves integration of the competencies into the human capital practices of the organization, such as talent selection, interviewing and assessment, leadership development, training, performance management, and succession planning. The typical steps in ROI’s approach to leadership competency development are as follows:

  • Develop a deep understanding of organizational culture, key business drivers, strategy, present and anticipated challenges and opportunities
  • Conduct a qualitative inquiry, using a variety of methods such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and other methods of data collection, to develop an initial competency framework grounded in exemplar leadership practices
  • Clarify key responsibilities for specific levels of leadership and define in behavioral terms the critical skills, qualities, and knowledge needed for current and future leaders
  • Analyzed, collate, and refine core competencies, decide on final items, and design the organizations unique competency model
  • Design of an implementation strategy to guide the introduction and integration of the competency model across the organization

At their best, leadership competencies become fully integrated into the organization’s informal and formal language, and become the way that leadership and employees discuss and analyze performance and development. ROI is skilled at competency development and also in partnering with organizations to facilitate the weaving of the model into key business processes. Contact info@roiconsulting.us for more information or questions about Leadership Competency Development.