Managing High Potential Talent

It is critical to succession planning and the development of organizational bench strength to accurately identify and develop individuals that exhibit those qualities and competencies most directly associated with future success in leadership and greater responsibility. It is not uncommon for team members to demonstrate superior skills as individual performers but have trouble making the transition into positions of leadership. This is why identifying high potential talent is so important for organizations. The HIPo assessment processes at ROI can assist in the accurate identification of the variables most commonly linked with effective leadership performance at successive levels of responsibility. These include such competencies as:

  • Cognitive Horsepower
  • Achievement Oriented
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Resiliency

In addition, the assessment process will provide an estimate of when a person is likely to be ready for the next level of responsibility. It will also be an invaluable guide to the creation of a robust individual development plan that will ensure that team members are honing the skills necessary to succeed at the next level. HiPo assessments typically become a critical component in an organization’s overall talent management strategy. ROI can also assist in the building of and organization’s talent management processes and making sure that the identification and development of HIPo team members is fully integrated into those processes. Contact for more information or questions about Managing High Potential Talent.