The coaching services provided by ROI are focused on increasing personal insight, improving leadership skills, and enhancing the capacity of individuals to bring significant value to the business. The coaches and the approach to coaching at ROI strive to establish clear alignment between the individual goals of the person being coached and the strategic needs of the organization. We offer a continuum of coaching options for mid-level managers, senior leaders, and chief executives.

ROI Coaching Process

We fully understand that each person’s needs and each organization's situation are unique and need to be fully understood for coaching to be optimally effective. As a result, the ROI coaching process begins with a “discovery” process prior to moving into the active coaching phase. The typical coaching engagement involves the following two stages:

Discovery Phase

The coaching relationship starts with an assessment that provides insight into the client’s personality, values, motivations, strengths, developmental opportunities, and career and coaching goals. In addition, information is gathered about the organization and the current and anticipated future role of the individual in the organization. The coach will also seek to establish agreement between the individual and his or her supervisor about the direction and desired outcomes of the coaching relationship. This last step provides metrics that can be analyzed to evaluate the progress and final outcomes of the coaching.

Coaching Phase

The coaching in this phase will vary from one coaching engagement to the next, but almost always are comprised of a series of regular, time limited, preferably in-person coaching sessions. The coaching provided by ROI consultants is grounded in an action learning approach to professional and leadership development. This simply means that the coach and client analyze and discuss the client’s efforts to implement the desired and targeted behavior changes. The coach provides direct and practical feedback regarding progress and will use coaching sessions to practice new and advanced skills and application of emerging insights. The active coaching phase also involves frequent evaluation of coaching progress and any necessary fine tuning of the approach.

We believe that coaching services pay the greatest dividends when an individual is experiencing an important transition, challenge, or phase of professional development. These critical junctures typically require a leader to develop new skills and mindsets in order to successfully navigate new situations, roles, and responsibilities. Examples of such situations:

  • On boarding with a new organization in a leadership role
  • Moving into a higher functional level of leadership
  • Leading large scale change initiatives
  • Developing advanced leadership skills
  • Managing managers
  • Making career path decisions
  • Thinking and acting more systemically and cross-functionally
  • Building and developing high performing leadership teams
  • Identifying, developing, and retaining senior level talent

The coaching services at ROI are geared specifically toward people in leadership roles and those aspiring toward greater levels of leadership. We can customize our coaching processes to align with the unique needs and realities of the individual and organization. Contact for more information or questions about ROI coaching services.