Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction Talent Optimization implementation effectiveness Organization Alignment In the same way a builder uses a blueprint, organizations develop and utilize strategies to guide them as they move toward a clear picture of the future. An ill-defined strategy will compromise organizational outcomes in much the same way as a fuzzy diagram or one with incomplete measurements will lead to a poorly built house. Even once the design is clear, periodic review of the plan should be conducted, and mid-course corrections made, as needed.

Strategy is the starting point for diagnosing organizational effectiveness. Often, issues affecting organizational performance can be traced back to failure to align organizational activities with a clear strategic direction. How well understood is your organization's strategic direction?

Questions to consider:
  • Is the strategy clear?
  • Is it relevant?
    • When was it last reviewed?
    • What changes have taken place since that time?
      • In the industry?
      • With competitors?
      • Evolving market trends?
      • The economy?
  • Is it being used to guide decision-making?
  • Are employees being recruited, hired, developed and evaluated on the skills necessary to execute it?
  • How is progress being measured?

Whether yours is a small start up organization, a large multi-national or somewhere in between, ROI Consulting and Implementation will partner with you to refine your organization's strategy and effectively implement a plan that aligns the critical elements of the organization, and optimizes talent to deliver superior business results.

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